Dominique Vanrykel was born near Liège (French part of Belgium) in 1965.

After a classic secondary education (latin and sciences), he became a teacher (specialised in visual arts) in 1987.

After fulfilling his military obligations as non-commissioned officer in the Belgian navy, he worked for a printing company during year and a half.

He then went on to become an art teacher, travelling from one school to the other, because the country of comic strip artists and painters like Magritte, Delvaux or Alechinsky is paradoxically the one where artistic activities within the education system of young people are the most restricted in the world!

Meanwhile, he also became a teacher specialised in technical design and architecture.
Dominique Vanrykel currently teaches for the "Communauté française de Belgique".

In his job as in his life, he has a passion for art. At the end of 80's, he copied a great deal of modern paintings, from luminaries such as Manet, Picasso, Gauguin or Léger. This activity allowed him to enrich his personal collection and to discover new techniques. In the early 90's, he found his way, a semi-abstract painting style; sometimes inspired by drawings made by his daughter Déborah. In 1998, the artist began to exhibit his works more and more often in Belgium and Switzerland.
He's also an associated artist of the SABAM.