Some recent paintings (2009-2010-2011):

Some old paintings:
"My favourite techniques are mixed and varied but I admit a preference for acrylic, watercolour and lino-engraving.
I would be thoroughly bored by the use of a single graphic process. "

I often use this "flat depth". It gives the viewer the impression they are living with the characters which overflow the borders of the frame.

A 3D effect made by moderate superimposed surfaces only visible on "real works". "My technique is similar, in some aspects, to the famous paper cuts by Matisse; more flat depth but less flat colours.
This technique was gradually imposed to me because I was not able to produce as quickly as my ideas and projects required.
My colourful papers and cardboards constitute a reserve of ready made for use in minimum time. "

"The combination of techniques can cause trouble but it gives me an unparalleled freedom ... The unity is anyway guaranteed by the colour's dominant, colourful contrasts of complementary, themes and composition related to the golden number. "